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ASB Avionics Works on Avionics Upgrade

November 19, 2013

Dimo Corp, an affiliated company of Bin Hilal Enterprises (BHE). and ASB Avionics announced that they have been working together on providing a lull cockpit avionics upgrade for all C-130 and L·l00 aircralts worldwide.

This avionics upgrade program can take an aging aircraft into the 21st century by updating and replacing existing antiquated avionics systems with modern state-ol·the-art avionics.

The upgrade program envisages installation of systems such as dual Primus EPIC Control Display Systems. Furthermore. it includes Automatic Flight Control (CDS / R - AFCS), triple Laseref VI lRS, dual Primus-II Radio Systems, Prumus 880 Radar system, dual AZ-950 Air Data System, ACS Digital Audio system, dual FMZ-2000 integrated Flight Management System (FMS), GH-3000 ESIS, dual ALT-4000 Radio Altimeters, TCAS-II, and Mark VII Enhanced GPWS.

ASB Avionics also offers many other options such as CDR/FDA. AFIS, Enhanced Vision System (EVS), and SATCOM systems.

In addition to the installation of new systems. the upgrade program replaces existing avionics mounting provisions with modutar avionics shelves. With this modutar approach to avionics installations, DIMO Corp and ASB Avionics are able to engineer, fabricate. and test many of the systems, which are to be installed, before an aircraft is even input for modification. Therefore, this approach allows for a much faster turnaround time for the modification of an aircraft, which is typically less than 90 days.

Bin Hilal Enterprises (BHE) and its affiliated companies, including DIMO Corp. have been involved in providing spare parts. component support and technical services in the region, especially within all of the GCC countries, for over 19 years.

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Source: Nation Shield, Military Strategic Journal